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For 63 years, Pleasant View has been committed to providing quality and compassionate care to our residents and families in an ever-changing healthcare environment. In August of 2016, we will be asking Shiawassee County voters to continue their support of Pleasant View by approving a 2-mil renewal. It is important to note that this IS NOT a tax increase – it is a renewal for existing funding.

Here Are the Facts About the Pleasant View Millage…

  • This proposal IS NOT a tax increase. It simply keeps in place what’s been working so well for the past 20 years.
  • A home valued at $150,000 will still pay approximately $300/year.
  • The Pleasant View millage has remained at 2 mils for the past 20 years and renews every four years.
  • Funds raised are primarily used for operations with strict oversight to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely.
  • A portion of the revenue generated from this renewal may be used for the construction of a new facility; however, the bulk of funds needed would come from other sources including existing reserves.
  • Feasibility studies have shown that renovations of the existing building are not possible due to the extent of work needed and how it would disrupt patient care and safety.
  • Regardless of the new facility, this 2-mil renewal is critically important in order to fulfill our long-term commitment to providing quality patient care. Without continued funding, there may be a reduction in services available to our residents.

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